November 18th, 2006

На подумать об партиях

Подкинули высказывание: (республиканцам - не впадать сразу в гнев).

=="While political party affiliation in the United States is not a perfect indicator of religiosity, it is no secret that the 'red(Republican) states' are primarily red due to the overwhelming political influence of conservative Christians. If there were a strong correration between Christian conservatism and societal health, we might expect to see some sign of it in red-state America. We don't. Of the twenty-five cities with the lowest rates of violent crime, 62 percent are in 'blue'(Democratic) states, and 38 percent are in 'red'(Republican) states. Of the twenty-five most dangerous cities, 76 percent are in red states, and 24 percent are in blue states. In fact, three of the five most dangerous cities in the U.S. are in the pious state of Texas. The twelve states with the highest rates of burglary are red. Twenty-four of the twenty-nine states with the highest rates of theft are red. Of the twenty-two states with the highest rates of murder, seventeen are red."
Sam Harris, "Letter to a Christian Nation".==