hina_chleck (hina_chleck) wrote,

Дамы, дети и шимпанзе

В книжке Даррела был шимпанзе Чолмондели Сент-Джон, коротко - Чамли Синджен.

Оказалось, что есть такой род. И в нем есть дамы. Вот такие.

Опять Wiki, alas, alas
The Cholmondeley Ladies is an early 17th-century British oil painting depicting two women seated upright and side by side in bed, each holding a baby. Measuring 886 by 1723mm, it was painted on a wooden panel, probably in the first decade of the 17th century. According to an inscription in gold lettering to the bottom left of the painting, it shows "Two Ladies of the Cholmondeley Family, Who were born the same day, Married the same day, And brought to Bed the same day."
Tags: живопись_фотки, книжное

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