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О бумерангах & всеобщих забегах

Да простится мне цинизм, но - недолго музыка играла?


==John Beckman, a spokesman for the university, wrote in a statement to The Times that N.Y.U. was “sympathetic” to what Mr. Reitman has been through.

But, Mr. Beckman added, “given the promptness, seriousness and thoroughness with which we responded to his charges, we do not believe that his filing a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against the university would be warranted or just.”

Both Professor Ronell and Mr. Reitman feel they have been miscast in this #MeToo story.

Mr. Reitman said he never intended to become any kind of public figure in a national conversation about gender, and that he started the process before the movement took off. “It didn’t come from #MeToo,” he said.

In March 2018, Professor Ronell pointedly complained that Mr. Reitman had a penchant for “comparing me to the most egregious examples of predatory behaviors ascribable to Hollywood moguls who habitually go after starlets.”==

Отдельно доставило фото философа - 66-летней лесбиянки, видимо, поменявшей приоритеты.

Ich geschrieben, mit Hilfe Dreamwidth OpenID.
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